Pumpkin Time In Tennessee!

Pumpkin Time In Tennessee!

This is a great time in East Tennessee to get in the attic or crawlspace to get out all your fall and UT decorations. When doing so, it would be wise to look around for any issues. The ‘dreaded’ crawlspace or attic is the most common areas for homeowners to store their fun seasonal items, and one of the last places that people check for mold and mildew.

Check your crawlspace for any water or moisture. Look to see if there is any growth on the floor joists and if the ductwork is leaking at all. If possible, checking your insulation is always beneficial.

In your attic, check for the same things to see if there is any moisture or mold growth.

Be proactive and take a few minutes to scope out these areas when getting out your decorative items out for the fall. If you do find anything questionable, you can always call Mold Doctors USA for a free estimate!

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