Don’t Touch Mold!

I sprayed some mold remover cleaner on the mold on my walls. That took care of the mold I have, right? We hear this a lot when working with homeowners, property managers, and insurance companies. We always recommend having a professional come out and provide an assessment. What a lot of people don’t realize is you could make a small issue a very large issue in a short amount of time. It is vital to not cross contaminate the [...]


Flooding basements and crawlspaces

Mold Doctors USA has seen a lot of flooded basements and crawlspaces the last few weeks with this heavy rain!  If you have a flooded basement or crawlspace, call Mold Doctors USA.  We are available 24/7 and can help you get rid of the water.  You don’t want the water to sit there for long as mold spores can start growing and when it gets warmer, the mold spores will multiply!


My Pipes Have Burst – Now What?

“I came home and my ceiling was hanging down and water was everywhere!” This is what we hear every time we have below freezing temperatures followed by warmer days.  If you experience small water damage or large water damage – Mold Doctors USA is here to help you! We have successfully dried out commercial and residential properties quickly and properly.  We have state of the art equipment and ensure we remove any damaged materials to stop mold growth after we have [...]


3 Home Disasters That Probably Aren’t Covered By Your Insurance

Homeowners insurance covers lots of different disasters, but there are a few that are not, and they can be exceptionally damaging to your home and health. The following are 3 home disasters that are typically excluded from home insurance policies, but you need to be prepared for. Sewer Backups In areas like Knoxville and East Tennessee, our climate means a lot of rain and a lot of opportunities for sewers to back up. Sewer backups can cause irreparable damage if not dealt [...]

Mold After Basement Flood

Flooded Crawlspace Or Basement?

With all the rainy weather from the hurricanes, Knoxville’s air is relieved of allergens.  However, rain that has been falling for a few hours may cause water to seep into your crawlspace or basement.  That water can turn into a minor flood before you know it! Call Mold Doctors USA if you have a flooded crawlspace or basement.  We can take care of you in your time of need and are available for emergency calls.  Remember, a flooded basement or [...]

South Knoxville Mold Removal

MOLD – Is It A Four-Letter Word?

When you hear “MOLD” do you want to run and hide? Do you try to hide the mold in your house or work? Do you spray it with Clorox and hope it will disappear? Have someone qualified and certified to check the mold out. In East Tennessee, Mold Doctors USA is the highest certified company in the Knoxville area that can take the fear out of mold for you. Selling your home? Have musty smells in your home? Buying a home? [...]


Pumpkin Time In Tennessee!

This is a great time in East Tennessee to get in the attic or crawlspace to get out all your fall and UT decorations. When doing so, it would be wise to look around for any issues. The ‘dreaded’ crawlspace or attic is the most common areas for homeowners to store their fun seasonal items, and one of the last places that people check for mold and mildew. Check your crawlspace for any water or moisture. Look to see if [...]

Knoxville Mold Remediation

How A Little Mold Can Lead To A BIG Problem For You And Your Family

Does the size of the mold area matter? If it’s small – I can take care of it, right? We recently worked on a bathroom in Knoxville for a family that has been extremely sick for almost a year now.  In particular, the mother/wife had been in and out of hospitals on pain medication and the doctors couldn’t figure out why she was so ill. The two children had been sick with upper respiratory infections and the entire family was [...]