Mold After Basement Flood

Flooded Crawlspace Or Basement?

With all the rainy weather from the hurricanes, Knoxville’s air is relieved of allergens.  However, rain that has been falling for a few hours may cause water to seep into your crawlspace or basement.  That water can turn into a minor flood before you know it! Call Mold Doctors USA if you have a flooded crawlspace or basement.  We can take care of you in your time of need and are available for emergency calls.  Remember, a flooded basement or [...]

South Knoxville Mold Removal

MOLD – Is It A Four-Letter Word?

When you hear “MOLD” do you want to run and hide? Do you try to hide the mold in your house or work? Do you spray it with Clorox and hope it will disappear? Have someone qualified and certified to check the mold out. In East Tennessee, Mold Doctors USA is the highest certified company in the Knoxville area that can take the fear out of mold for you. Selling your home? Have musty smells in your home? Buying a home? [...]


Pumpkin Time In Tennessee!

This is a great time in East Tennessee to get in the attic or crawlspace to get out all your fall and UT decorations. When doing so, it would be wise to look around for any issues. The ‘dreaded’ crawlspace or attic is the most common areas for homeowners to store their fun seasonal items, and one of the last places that people check for mold and mildew. Check your crawlspace for any water or moisture. Look to see if [...]

Knoxville Mold Remediation

How A Little Mold Can Lead To A BIG Problem For You And Your Family

Does the size of the mold area matter? If it’s small – I can take care of it, right? We recently worked on a bathroom in Knoxville for a family that has been extremely sick for almost a year now.  In particular, the mother/wife had been in and out of hospitals on pain medication and the doctors couldn’t figure out why she was so ill. The two children had been sick with upper respiratory infections and the entire family was [...]

knoxville Fire Damage Restoration

The Devastating Aftermath Of Fire Damage

Fire damage can be extremely devastating to a property and an enormous problem to tackle. Smoke damage, fire damage, and even water damage from the efforts of fire fighters can make the initial damage worse in a very short amount of time. Taking care of the issue in a timely manner is important to restore the property and saves money as the damage can only get worse with time. Smoke damage can intensely affect areas of the property outside of [...]


Is Your Pest Control Guy Quoting You For Fungus and Mold Work? Read This Before You Make A Decision

“My pest control company wants to take care of fungus they found in my crawlspace.” We hear this statement from time and time.  For a number of reasons, Mold Doctors USA advises our clients to hire a company that specializes in their field.  In other words, use a local pest control company that provides pest control, but don’t expect them to perform a job meant for another professional. Unfortunately, many of our customers are being offered a multitude of services by [...]


Why You Should Never Hire The Same Mold Removal Company To Do Mold Inspection

Is it ok to have the same company that provides remediation do the mold testing as well? NO!!!! It is an absolute conflict of interest. I always ask someone, “When you eat in a restaurant do you notice their health inspection report? How would you feel if the owner of that restaurant scored their own restaurant?” That puts it in perspective, right? Just as you expect a professional health inspector to honestly score a restaurant’s performance, it is essential to hire [...]


Why You Shouldn’t Call Your Handyman For Water Damage

Does it matter if I use my handyman to clean up the water damage in my home? We hear this question all the time. Most recently, a customer of ours woke up to water on the entire first floor of her Blount County home. Her water heater had busted overnight and every single room was covered in inches of water. She instantly called her handyman and asked him what to do. He said he would just come “suck up” the water. Upon [...]


How A Little Shower Drain Clog Could Leave You With A Big Problem

Who doesn’t love a good shower? We all do, but that shower can wreck havoc on your home if the drain clogs. Making sure the shower drain doesn’t clog is important to avoid water damage in your home. If you notice clogging, pour baking soda, followed by vinegar, down the drain to see if that will unclog it. Obviously, this is a quick fix for perhaps a more serious issue. We definitely recommend calling a reputable plumbing company to fix the [...]


Why Knoxville TN Homeowners Should Know The Symptoms Of Mold Exposure

Do you think you have been exposed to toxic mold? Millions of people are exposed to toxic mold on a daily basis – without even touching it. By ingesting and breathing mold particles, they don’t know they have been exposed. Mold can be hidden in your crawlspace, basement, behind walls, and throughout multiple places. Mold is especially common in Knoxville and East Tennessee, where our damp and humid climate traps moisture and encourages mold growth. Mold can make you [...]