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Losing Your Assets to Liabilities

We work in an industry that is unfortunately unpoliced. In our state (Tennessee), the terms professional, qualified, certified, or accredited to perform mold remediation mean nothing to the jugheads who compromise the health of your family, the quality of your life, the condition of your home, or the liability of your business. They claim to have a home inspector, a waterproofer, and a mold removal or pest control “expert”  (in this case one in the same), but they are [...]


How do I know if there is mold in my house?

When Do I Need A Mold Remediation Service? A desire to have a mold-free home is not just a Knoxville, Tennessee dream. Obviously, no one wants mold growing in their home. However, it’s not really a phenomenon that every is familiar with and ready to recognize that they need help getting rid of it in their home. Here are some things that will tip you off that you need to call a professional to help you get rid of a [...]


What to do After Your Water Pipes Burst?

This crazy cold weather in Knoxville, Tennessee has affected many homes and businesses in the past few weeks.  If you are one of those that have experienced pipes bursting and damaging your property, hopefully you were fortunate enough to get the water damage taken care of promptly!     The Danger of Bursting Pipes Unfortunately, many properties were not addressed in a timely manner due to a large amount of homes that experienced water damage. Once the weather went from being cold to [...]